Privacy Policy

At Karachi Tutor Academy, we are dedicated to providing a secure environment while ensuring the privacy of our students, parents, clients, tutors, teachers, and freelancers. We understand and value the trust you place in us, and we take our responsibility seriously to protect your information.

We believe that trust is built on effective privacy protection. That’s why we handle all personal information with care, using encrypted data and following strict protocols to manage it responsibly.

  • ID Card/CNIC Details:
    • Your ID card/CNIC picture or details will never be shared with any individual, public platform, or third party.
    • This information is solely for identity verification through NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority).
    • It will only be used if a violation or illicit activity is reported concerning a tutor, teacher, or resource.
  • Registration Picture:
    • Your registration picture remains confidential and secure in our encrypted database.
    • We do not share contact information or details without your permission or consent.
  • Academic and Professional Information:
    • This information will only be shared when a tutor, teacher, or resource applies for a specific position.
  • WhatsApp Groups:
    • We add tutors, teachers, and resources to WhatsApp groups to keep them updated on the latest vacancies.
    • If a member contacts another member privately, please report it immediately so that we can take appropriate action.
    • This may result in the cancellation of registration and permanent blocking of the ID card/CNIC on all platforms and communication mediums.
  • Sharing Information:
    • All registered members should not share any information about another registered individual on any private or public channel.
    • Violating this agreement will result in immediate suspension of your account, cancellation of registration, and permanent blacklisting of your ID card/CNIC.
  • Online Lectures:
    • It is not permitted to record online lectures.
    • If a student does not understand a topic, they are encouraged to take notes during the lecture and ask the tutor to review the topic again.
We ensure prudent and responsible management by carefully handling student, parent, client, tutor, teacher, and freelancer personal information using encrypted data and adhering to the appropriate protocols.

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